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It’s nearly the weekend and the weather is fine. It’s an opportunity for you to gather your family or friends for a summer picnic in the countryside. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, it is best to follow the advice of an expert. Noëlle Mendy, our specialist in tailor-made picnics, gives you her advice on how to make this picnic an exceptional moment for everyone.

The key factor: the weather

A picnic always take place in a rural outdoor setting. It is therefore essential to check the weather forecast 15, 7 and 3 days before your picnic date. In case of uncertainty, plan an indoor back-up solution. But if the weather is good, remember to protect yourself from sunburn and sunstroke (hats, sun cream, parasol, etc.).

Choosing your picnic site

Which setting will you choose for your picnic: countryside, mountain, lakeside, river, sea… Each has its own atmosphere with its advantages and disadvantages. Above all, check that the venue is easily accessible by car so as not to exhaust your guests. For everyone’s peace of mind, look for an isolated yet safe place. Depending on the region in which you plan to picnic, we have selected some beautiful picnic spots for you in Geneva and Zurich,… But our magic locations will remain secret and reserved for our clients.

Ensure the comfort of your guests

  • Choose a nice tablecloth or blanket large enough to hold all the picnic items
  • If necessary, bring cushions for the most fragile buttocks
  • It is also not forbidden to bring along a folding table and set it up on site. But this is where we enter the category of high-end picnics.
  • Think of background music by bringing a bluetooth sound base. You can then play your favourite playlists. However, be careful not to disturb other people in the rural area you are visiting or isolate yourself from the world. Btween Us has playlists on its Deezer channel to suit every picnic (dinner with friends or lovers).
  • Make sure you have a small first aid kit (mosquito spray, disinfectant, bandages, tweezers, etc.) and avoid setting up near insect nests.

Respect nature

The success of your picnic also depends on the beauty of the place. So, be nice, remember to leave it in the beautiful state in which you found it by taking away all your rubbish and avoid degrading the surrounding nature. Also consider the tranquillity of local wildlife if present. Follow our tips for a zero-waste picnic.

Choose the right tableware

Gone are the days of grandma’s china sets! Instead, choose lightweight, unbreakable plates and cups made of plastic or recyclable materials. Of course, if it’s a romantic dinner, you can make an exception to the rule and bring high-end crockery more suited to the tasting of Champagne or a good bottle of Château Margaux (don’t forget the corkscrew). The ideal solution is to store everything in a pretty wicker basket.

Transport food in a cool environment

Carefully wrap each element of your picnic separately in cling film or an airtight box. Keep your food fresh in a clean, airtight cooler. If necessary, clean it beforehand with detergent or white vinegar. Place ice packs or frozen water bottles in them. Then put your picnic in the order in which you will eat the food (the items you will eat first at the top). Place the most fragile products at the bottom to protect them from the heat. Put your drinks in another cooler or cooler bag.

Liven up your picnic

If there are going to be children at your picnic, remember to bring toys (ball, rackets, etc.) so that they can play independently. For adults, boules or Finnish bowling will do the trick. And if you are limited in space, there are still card games.

The concept of the bespoke picnic

Some picnics deserve special attention, particularly when it comes to asking for your beloved’s hand in marriage, or celebrating a birthday. Nothing should be left to chance if you want to ensure that this moment remains etched in your memories forever. For this reason, it is sometimes advisable to call on an agency with specialist expertise in the field. They will be able to design a high-end, custom-made event, and make sure it is a success.


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