Enjoy a special moment with those you love!

Your tailor made event experience

Welcome to the World of Btween Us, the Genevan agency that creates bespoke events at unique and outstanding places that are kept secret until the day of the event. Ideal as a quirky and original way to celebrate an important moment in your personal or professional life, our one-of-a-kind events are guaranteed to make a lasting impression on your guests.

With Btween Us, anything is possible: if you can imagine it, we can make it happen. Whether it’s Grands Crus, chefs, exceptional entertainment, or the private hire of locations you never thought you could access, all you have to do is dream big!

The soul of the project at the service of Creativity

Stories are an effective way to communicate the essence of an event and create a memorable experience. Tell the story of an unusual place and its cultural context to give depth and meaning to your event.

Take care of yourself

Imagine holding your next event in a magical, stunning and completely unexpected location. We can help you make this dream come true, by creating an immersive experience, featuring murals and poetic messages to convey your gratitude and appreciation.

« An invitation to gently reconnect to the present moment »

Our personal approach involves listening to your wishes and needs, while coming up with creative and innovative ideas to make your event unique. We take care of all the logistical details, from venue selection to supplier coordination and production management. Taking into account the fact that each project is unique, the price will depend on your desire, needs and dreams!

The 7 most important treasures

We are specialised:

« A surprising gastronomic experience in nature »
Our expertise in the event industry has been recognised for many years, and more specifically in the upmarket sector with unique themes and concepts.


We are responsive:

« Innovation and speed of action at the service of the customer experience »
Our golden rule before validating a project is to imagine it before creating it, to follow our intuitions, to develop projects that inspire us and allow us to dream!


We support you in a personalised and tailor-made way:

« Tailor-made: the ultimate luxury »
Btween Us will bring your desires to life with a 100% personalised approach, based on a diagnosis established during an immersive meeting.


We are transparent:

« The gourmet picnic of the elite »
We supervise all contractors, monitor deadlines and provide regular reports to keep you informed of the progress of your project.


A privileged contact person:

« Easy and efficient »
Because more attentive listening and clarity of message are among our top priorities, we wish to optimise our exchanges by offering you a single point of contact, without having to go through various intermediaries.


Trustworthy partners:

« Tested and approved »
Due to their expertise and excellent reputation, all our service providers have been personally tested several times. Whether they are a star chef, stylist, designer or winemaker, they are the guarantors of an exceptional service.


We offer solutions for 2 people or more:

« 1+1= YES »
In contrast to almost all other event agencies, Btween Us offers to work with you on your dream projects, starting from 2 people. We would like to offer, even to couples, the opportunity to experience an exceptional moment together in complete privacy.


Who is behind
Btween Us?

Noëlle Mendy

EpicurieA hedonist at heart, I’ve always found it a thrill to organise intimate, unique events, achieved with the help of tablescaping, needless to say… After a very fulfilling career in event management and within the United Nations, I’m now dedicating my talents to all those who want to experience some exceptional moments of celebration with their nearest and dearest!
A quotation that sums me up: “Life is about seizing the day and making every moment magical!”