Live a timeless experience with those who matter

Your Haute couture event management experience!

Btween Us has come up with a unique and unusual concept: a Haute couture event at truly exceptional locations. Ideal for celebrating important milestones in your life in a unique and original way... This break from the norm will remain etched in your hearts!

Bespoke event management is about an event that has been dreamed up exclusively for you. It will be an event that meets your expectations, dreams and needs...we’ll bring your desires to life, in order to give you a wonderful and unforgettable time!

Our Haute couture picnic

We have reimagined the concept of the picnic by making it a Haute couture, bespoke event. The Haute couture picnic from Btween Us involves an on-site Chef, with Grands Crus, magnificent decoration and exquisite open-air locations such as vineyards, forests and mountains.

A location that’s kept strictly under wraps until the last moment...

Entrusting your project to Btween Us means, first and foremost, putting your trust in us, but it’s also about having some surprises to look forward to - right up till the very last moment. In order to maintain the maximum surprise factor, the location of your exceptional event will be kept secret until the very last moment. Meaning that you’re set for a truly moving and emotional experience!

Btween Us takes care of every aspect of your event, from A to Z.

Set out below are the stages that our collaboration will go through:

Our priority is to bring some enchantment to your lives and those of your loved ones!

AudreyGenève-pique-nique entre amis

A very enjoyable evening among friends. The backdrop was splendid (vineyards in the Genevan countryside and dinner overlooking Lake Geneva) and the organisation was first-rate!

VioAnières - Pique-nique entre amis

A super moment among friends that was magical and laid-back. What a privilege to be able to enjoy that stunning location! The wine and the dinner were very good. Getting from place to place by taxi-bike was really nice (and so was the rosé!).

Jean-Christophe et AlexandraGenève - Surprise de Saint Valentin

“A. was really happy to experience a moment of quality. The main dish, wines and courses were perfect. A. found the flowers and the attention shown charming. In 3 words: authentic, convivial and simple!”

Y&CDîner entre amies dans une librairie!

“A magical evening, glamourous and relaxing in a setting that was out of the ordinary. A chef who took care of the fine details, to provide a moment full of surprises. What more could one want?”

Each event has its own story and atmosphere…