An exceptional wine-tourism experience

For an unforgettable wine-tourism experience!

Since Btween Us has a special fondness for local products and Swiss vineyards, it was important for us to have a product that lets us put the wines and wine-makers of Switzerland front and centre!

High-end wine tourism

We have successfully been certified and have the official Vaud Oenotourism label, and are partners of the Swiss Wine Tour. This enables us to bring you a very high-quality wine tourism offering, one that is unique and unlike anything else in Switzerland. We are proud to be able to offer our services and, in collaboration with the wine growers, exceptional services to the tourists who come to enjoy the abundance that Switzerland’s wine-making heritage and culture have to offer. Our unique offer will enable our foreign clients to be able to enjoy a picnic like no other in Switzerland’s most beautiful vineyards, while at the same time getting to know the wines and the wine estates. For each estate, our chef has thought up a mesmerizing wine/food combination!

Winegrowers' meal for winegrowers

Any occasion is a good one for promoting your vineyard: celebrating the end of your harvest, welcoming journalists or influencers on a press trip, winning over new buyers or promoting team spirit. That's why we believe that an exceptional picnic in the middle of your vineyards, whether in spring or summer, in your cellars or vineyard houses and whatever the season, would awaken your customers' taste for good wine.
In addition to working on the event, we also give you a values proposition that will enable you to achieve your goals in terms of image or reputation.